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The Clark's

We're a little family of four, which consists of, Ryan, Nancy, Amber & Libby.

We love a holiday, well Nancy does - I tag along and generally do the organising and booking, mainly because I'm a control freak. Nancy and Libby like to compete for who tan's the quickest, me and Amber, on the other hand, tend to go different shades of white. (A bit more red for me).

Ryan - Co-Founder of an International Logistics company, based in the UK and China. Sideline hobby business includes which helps pro-boxers and MMA fighters to sell their tickets with ease. It's safe to say, I've got an entrepreneurial bug. 

Nancy - An ex. recruitment extraordinaire who became a mum. A damn good one too, often referred to as Marry Poppins, only better looking. Now married, with an extra little nutter named Libby (6 years old) to learn from her wonderful older sister Amber.

Amber - A 12-year-old dance enthusiast who's bright, clever and often seen doing her homework or making up dance routines with friends. 

Libby - A loon. She's the boy we never had, who constantly winds her older sister up but has us all in stitches. The things she comes out with makes us wonder if she's been here before.

We started a family blog page after our recent trip to Dubai. We wanted to find out information before going but, found it so difficult to get a straight 'plain English' answer to a lot of our concerns. When we were there, and shortly afterward, we posted feedback to a Facebook forum which went down extremely well. It made us think, let's just create our own blog to store these reviews, so we can hopefully share them along the way to people that find them useful.

We're not snobs, we're not spoilt, we're not rich, we're not poor, & we're not needy - I think we're just a middle class (I suppose?) family that likes nice things in life, that doesn't like being ripped off, appreciates good value, service, and tell it like it is. That's how we're going to base our reviews.

Hope you like them!

p.s Don't forget to follow us on social media to get extra live/fresh reviews and possibly Vlogs (If we're brave enough!)

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