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Thermostat Wars (Heat vs Air Con in Dubai)

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

It's now 24hrs since returning home, so it's officially 'Dubai Blues' time for the Clark's as I write this looking out of my office window which happens to have rain trickling down it....

One bit of advice, if you're someone that loves Air con to cool you down, and generally has thermostat wars at home with the girls of the house, I'd really recommend you set out a fair compromise before you head out to Dubai.

As crazy as it sounds, whilst it feels like you're sunbathing inside an oven by day, all I wanted to do was sit down to dinner inside the air con by evening but, I was overruled by 3 females who all 'get cold' with the air con blasting. What was 38 degrees outside, to me felt like I was eating my dinner in a sauna, but no, not the girls.

If you sound like me, and want to save yourself from slowly melting into your Fillet Steak, or having to order a £13 bottle of Corona just to roll it across your forehead, perhaps suggest to your loved ones to bring some lightweight cardi's to take the chill off their shoulders and arms - because when you're hot, you cant strip off (I think it's frowned upon there), but if you're cold, at least you can warm up a bit with extra layers.


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