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First Impressions of Al Qasr, Madinat - Dubai

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

We are staying at Al Qasr so you get golf buggies or Gondolas along the canal unless you want to walk. Sometimes the queues are busy at peak times and there seems to be a few frustrated faces around but it doesn’t seem too terrible. Longest we’ve waited is 15 mins.

Many guests are moaning but I noticed they were actually wanting a lift back to the main doors from our own pool area!! (Come on, walk!! It’s only 3 mins you lazy gits!! 🤷🏼‍♂️😲)

Sun beds You can easily get sun beds on any of the Jumeriah private beaches at any time of the day. Service is good, and as you can see if you fancy a beer, that’s fine too. Even during Ramadan. I'm not an alcoholic parent but I was concerned about this - I can go without a beer for a week but I don't like being told I 'cant' have one. It's my holiday, and if I fancy a beer on my lounger whilst the kids are fighting over a lilo then that's my choice....

However, nothing to worry about, you can order what you like anywhere within the Hotel areas.

As for the pools, unfortunately they are no different to any other basic holiday around the world where people are reserving beds at 8am and not returning until later.

Massively disappointed with this as for my first time to Dubai, with it being “luxury” I was hoping this wouldn’t be allowed here. 😔 It shouldn't really be the same as an Alcudian all inclusive!

The heat is 46 in the day but bearable if your sunbathing in/out of the water and mixing it with shade. Even at night it’s actually ok, it’s a dry heat. The best comparisson I can make is from when we went to Hong Kong in August. It was bloody hot, but 100% humid too. Hong Kong was like a 250c oven, fan assisted. Dubai is like a 300c oven, not fan assisted. Whilst hotter, it's strangely more bearable.

The surrounding area here is impressive, size and glamor wise, the canal and buggy network etc. Everyone is helpful and happy.

We found a private beach club near the Burj today which you can use if you have a suite room booked so we are going there with a guaranteed sun lounger/cabana! (That deserves it's own blog. Keep an eye out for Summersalt)

Off to the palm tonight to check out some hotels there and dinner at Zabeel Saray.

Safari or Atlantis another day.

Wild Wadi yesterday which was good - not as big as we imagined but that’s good, it’s perfect for a day or half day even.

Here's a few pics attached of Madinat area.


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